The Taste & Smell of Memories…

No matter where I am or what I am doing, if I hear the theme song to The Young & The Restless all my troubles melt away. Don’t act like you don’t know about Y & R or Days of our lives, or as the world turns. We’ve all seen daytime soaps as some point in our lives. Well I grew up with watching ‘the mustache’ aka Victor Newman on Y & R. While helping my Mom with daily chores like ironing my Dad’s t-shirts, folding towels or cleaning the house we watched Y & R. So as an adult I tivo Y & R and Days of our Lives (which I added in college). I look forward to loosing myself in their crazy plots to change paternity results, run away to exotic islands, etc. Somehow the non-reality of it makes me feel like my life is really quite sane. 🙂

Anyway, the song itself is enough to evoke the happy memories of my childhood. That isn’t the only sound or smell I have which brings me back. The smell of a car showroom or the one you get at your local mechanics garage. Yeah, I take big breaths when I am at the car dealerships because they too bring back memories. My father was a mechanic and worked for the local ford dealer so when I visit him at work or in the garage at home that was the smell’s I experienced. To this day I close my eyes and inhale the new car smell when I can to take me back.

Ridiculous? I think not. We all have memories of smells, tastes and sounds… What are yours? What happy memories do they bring the surface for you?

(I wonder what memories my kids will be smelling, hearing and tasting years from now???)