Decisions, Descisions….

Social media. Gotta love it. Facebookin’ or tweeting it really doesn’t matter. There are so many venues to get your social media fix. My hubby (gotta love him) supports my many avenues of social media. After uploading new photos to my facebook to share with family and friends I changed my profile pic and showed it to him. (Picture the Brady bunch…when they are laying in bed with their lamps on reading…only I have a laptop and he’s got the remote…) I liked the picture, nah, I was PROUD of the picture. After all, I had bribed the crying whining kids with cheese sticks and m&m’s. I had earned that photo gosh darn it! I dressed them all nice and took the time to get myself all ready. Set up the tri-pod….Yeah, I owned that photo! So back to the issue at hand. He says, yeah that is a good picture. (Not the enthusiastic response I was anticipating but we’ll take it). I asked if he liked any to update his profile pic which I teased him about b/c it’s of just him, not the family. He said, “I’ll have to think about it.” Insert my large “umpf” here. I was baffled and laughed at him (followed by a ‘I’m so gonna blog about this’). He said changing his profile pic was a big decisions he needed to sleep on it before making any rash decisions about changing his pic. Seriously?? It’s fb not a billboard!! I love ya honey but man you can be high maintenance. No worries folks, I didn’t hack into in his fb to change his profile pic. I’ll just proceed to milk this one out teasing him every chance I get. 🙂