Back to school! Yay or Nay?

Tomorrow is August 1st which leaves only a few weeks left of summer before school starts. For my son S this is a nay but for my daughter L this is a yay or should I say “Super-duper-fabulous-yay!” For my son M it is definitely a yay. (although it’s preschool for him) Why is that? It is not that S doesn’t like school because he does.

S used to like school as much as L & M. Maybe it’s because he is older than them. Why is it that L loves school soo much? She was so upset the entire first week of summer missing school asking how many days until school starts again. I am sure she would be devastated that I put this on the world wide web but L has cried herself to sleep on many nights clutching her class picture because she missed school and her school friends soo much.   Although she loved writing her BFF letters all summer and frequent trips to the local public library it just wasn’t the same.

At what point do kids no longer ‘like’ school? What happens that stifles their child-like inquiry and love of learning? As a secondary educator I get students after the love of school is long gone. Is this an age or stage kind of thing? Is it a social change? Is it pop culture telling them they shouldn’t like school?

As much as it breaks my heart to listen to L cry when she is missing school I know it won’t last forever. I can only pray that she will hold on to her inquiring mind and passion for learning new things. Someday those very things will help her reach for the stars.