Things my kids say 2.0

They never stop amazing me or quite frankly, making me laugh. Ok so I don’t laugh them, just smile and giggle when they walk away. My little girl is just so darn creative and funny. She says things like agent beetles & bathtisms and can even explain them.

Living in the midwest we have those lovely Asian Beetles which seem to take over buildings in the Fall. At first she thought they were lady bugs and was thrilled that they were around the doors, windows, etc. Then one ‘bit her’ and she was done with them. My husband and I have told her they are not lady bugs but Asian Beetles and although she seemed to understand she refers to them as agent beetles. Why? Well one could theorize she didn’t listen all that well but that is only half of it. She has decided they are just like agent P on Phineas and Ferb and they plot things like taking over our windows and biting 7 year old girls who try to play with them.

With the birth of our 5th child we are planning his baptism. Now this word alone is an interesting one but once again our daughter and 2 of our sons has created their own word from it, ‘bathtism.’ Why? Well because they get a bath in front of the church of course? There is a small ‘bath tub’ and water…so in their young minds they put that image and the word (as they heard it) together to make ‘bathtism.’

It’s truly amazing to see the world though the eyes of a child. They have such an interesting and innocent perspective.