Eureka & the open road…

For some reason while driving my creative juices flow. I guess when the kids fall asleep in the car and I am left to my own thoughts my mind is free to wander and think of random things. Recently while on my way to pick up the older kids from school I came up with a new app I’d love to have on my iPhone.

I always seem to have ideas for new products or thoughts I’d like to write about at times when I can’t write them down. So why not combine two products or concepts which already exists to fix this problem? With Dragon Speak or some type of dictation software I could get my thoughts recorded/written and then match that up with WordPress and I could write a blog post, schedule and publish it! That would be awesome!

I blame my random ideas on my husband who seems to have a list of business ideas a mile long. I guess thinking up the ideas is the fun part.

But in all seriousness, if anyone out there can make this happen or maybe an app like this is already out there please let me know. 🙂