Gender Reveal Party


Being a mom of 6 I guess we started having babies before the trend of gender reveal parties started so this was a new concept for us. Of course we also were too excited to wait to find out the baby’s gender with most of our pregnancies. Heck we even paid to get a non-medical ultrasound done on our 2nd baby to find out the gender. (Which was an amazing surprise to find out it was a girl….our only girl so far). We are just excited about baby #7 as we were with baby #1 (minus some of the anxiety of the unknown) so we thought why not! My sister-in-law was more than willing to be the one to hold the envelope and get things ready for the reveal. All I had to do was plan a little party. Easy-peasy!



Now to do that on a shoe-string budget. My hubby planned the menu with a boy girl theme. Nothing too extravagant, hamburgers-girl, hotdogs-boy, salad with nuts-boy, salad without nuts-girl, you get the picture. I decided to go with a yellow, gray and white color scheme and found the paper products , ribbon & chalk boards at the dollar store-SCORE! The glass items were items I already had or found at the thrift store.  I liked the Tie or Tiara theme and had the right items in two of my Cricut Cartridges (Life’s a party & Simply Charmed). I made my own invites with the Cricut. I liked how things turned out so much I also made the decorations with it. I cut out triangles of scrapbook paper and sewed them together to make banners to add to the decor. I used paper I already had for most but picked up a pack of yellow paper at Walmart too. To fill the vases I clipped flowers from my garden. 😊






image image

I really wanted to pop a balloon filled with the colored confetti to share the news but couldn’t stomach the cost so we opted to do silly string instead. Scored 5 pink and 5 blue at the dollar story so my sister in law just had to bring the correct 5 😃. Each of our oldest kiddos got to spray us with the silly string at the count of 3 to show everyone in attendance the baby’s gender. You may want to sit down folks because it’ll knock you on your butt….another BOY!! Yes, we’ll have 1 girl and 6 boys come 2016. We are super excited for another ‘Tie’ in our home and feel so blessed.


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