Unicorn Birthday

After a successful Alice in Wonderland inspired ‘unbirthday’ party our 12 year old asked for unicorn birthday theme for her 13th birthday. We used crepe paper, balloons and other supplies found at the dollar tree


Now this wasn’t just a plan ol’ unicorn birthday she wanted a ‘highway unicorn‘ cake as featured on the Tastemade website. She has spotted this amazing dream of confection on Instagram and fell head over heels for it. She picked colors for the party based on the cake. I used my circuit to create a birthday banner and we were pretty set. 

The Cake28161984_10156268234008447_2226629957559993145_o


I followed the directions from copy me that while still utilizing the tastemade website for the video guidance.

For this cake I used a 9″ round cake pan. I bought boxed cake mixes although I did tweak them so they taste like a bakery cake. (Use butter in place of oil and double it, milk in place of water, double the amount of eggs). I then divided the cake batter in small bowls and then colored it. After greasing and flouring the pans I put dollops of the various colors into the pans to create a colorful camouflage affect. It was a lot of work but turned out pretty well.

28161718_10156268234258447_3967890415895182686_oThen after they were out and cooled I wrapped them in clear wrap and popped them in the fridge to prep them for frosting. A few hours later I took out the layers and frosted between each layer with butter cream. I then put a layer of icing around the edges and wrapped it all again with clear wrap and refrigerated it over night. The next day I made more butter cream and tinted each color. Using a pipping bag without any tips I pipped frosting around the cake doing 2 rows of each color. Then I went back with a triangle tool I have and scraped the edges. As I did this the colors bleed into one another creating the pretty sunset appearance.27908152_10156268234253447_5434330012146473044_o

Before the frosting dried a pressed sprinkles into the bottom layer and then sprinkled more around the edge of the cake stand. After cleaning up here and there I used melting chocolates and then drizzled it around the edges. After allowing the chocolate drizzle to cool in the fridge it was time for the gold. I used some edible metalic food paint (I got mine on amazon) and painted the now hardened drizzle. This took the most time because it was so small and detailed.

Finally I used the remaining pink butter cream with the Wilton 1 M tip to decorate the top and placed macrons on the top and added a bit more sprinkles for the last decoration. I must confess I did NOT make those macarons. I had my wonderful husband pick them up from Macarons by Maddie Lu at the Mall of America. They were so beautiful and so delicious and so worth purchasing. 27908085_10156265616018447_5885695216402896878_o


This was a fun cake and totally worth the time it took to paint the chocolate drizzle.

Happy Baking!!



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