Time for scrapping? Yeah right!

Okay so I love to scrap and used to have plenty of time to do it. Obviously as our family has grown my time for scrappin’ (well, any amount of time for myself) has shrunk. I am totally okay with it. One would expect it….Recently I put this to the test but first let’s set the scene.

I am a hockey Mom with 3 of the 5 kiddos playing each season. At the end of the season there is a big event to celebrate the end of the season for the little ones and it includes locker room signs, posters, medals, and lots of food. I volunteered to help make the posters and signs because I know what is expected having made some in the past.

I knew I could carve out some time in the evenings but was expecting it to take quite a bit of time. Enter scrapbookin’ dilemma. Another Mom asked what font I

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 7.30.16 AM

was planning to use so we could coordinate. I was a bit confused until she explained she has a Cricut. A what?? I guess I had been in the dark. I head heard of such a thing but didn’t know much about them.

After a few google searches, a demonstration from an experienced Cricut user I was pretty convinced I wanted one. (Thank you SC for showing me the super cool Cricut) More time on the web found me one that I wanted on craigslist and a few cartidges on eBay. I contacted the person on craigslist and recieved no response only to find out a the next day that my husband had been texting with her when he saw that I was interested in it. He surprised me with that very contraption! Yes, he can be pretty sweet.

The posters and signs are complete. The Cricut was so slick and easy to use. It really boosted my scrappin’ efficiency. I can honestly say I can get more done with the aid of the Cricut than my old die cut method of letters, etc. (And if you are thrifty you can find a used one pretty inexpensively).

Now if I have 5 min to scrap? Yup-I’ll take it. Thanks for thinking of me sweetie ❤

(FYI: I went with the Cricut Expression so it is small enough to fit on my desk yet and all cartridges work in it. I also purchased two cartridges; Sports Mania and Team Spirit both are great for hockey)