Is it the holiday season?

My three-year-old makes just the cutest comments…I love hearing his thoughts on life because his perspective usually gives me reason to stop and think. A child’s innocence and the joy they find in the things we as adults take for granted it is so sweet.

With older siblings counting down the days until Christmas the little one tries to figure out this whole holiday and being he is now three he ‘gets’ much more than in previous years. The other day he came to me very causually and I anticipated he was going to ask for a drink of juice but instead he said, “Mommy, Is it the holiday season?” I was a bit taken back by his question because he doesn’t normally talk like that but I smiled and said, “Yes, it is.” He was so thrilled he smiled and punched his fist up in the hair shouting, “Yes!” He then ran to his older brother who is 5 and said, “Guess what? It’s the holiday season!!”

I am not exactly sure whatLinus Speech that means in his head but it’s a great example of how the kids hear thing regarding the holidays and don’t understand what it’s all about. My husband and I feel it’s very important to keep our children grounded in their faith and shelter them from some of what we feel the media can do to kids. We don’t have cable and stick with PBS & qubo. (We feel some programming seems to push the kids to grow up too fast) The commercials on television during the holiday season tell us to shop, shop, and shop some more. This makes our job as parents even more challenging. We find ourselves reminding the kids frequently what this holiday is all about.

The best idea I can’t claim as my own. A number of years ago my brother and his wife shared a family tradition from their own which my husband and I quickly adopted. Every year our children each get 3 presents. If you ask them why they can tell you. Christmas is about Christ. Jesus got 3 gifts so we get 3 gifts. They may write a laundry list of ‘wants’ and wishes on their Christmas lists and letters to Santa but they are very aware that they only get 3 gifts from Mom & Dad. They have decided they had better be on Santa’s good list to ensure he brings a present too. 🙂

With the decorated malls, the snow falling and or the Christmas music playing on the radio it is so easy to get swept up on the ‘holiday season’ spending a bit too much and or forgetting what it’s all about. It may be challenging but it is possible to remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas and ‘Menne’ blessings to you and yours in the new year.