DIY: 3 bedrooms+6 Kids=Rethinking the beds

With 5 kids, 3 bedrooms and a baby on the way we had to re-think our bed configuration and of course where to put the clothes with less space. We originally had planned to add another bedroom because our floor plan includes a ‘teen room’ and an open area above the main entry. After reviewing the floor plans and looking into the truss situation we starting surfin’ the web for innovative bunk bed options. Once the kids saw how cool the bunk beds could be they decided they really liked that option. In fact THEY preferred to share a room rather than have us make the ‘teen room’ into a bedroom. Apparently they really like that living space to hang out and watch TV (Yes, we are those mean parents that refuse to let them have a TV in their bedrooms).

We found some really cool bunk bed options but some of them were in the $2,500 dollar range. (They do provide free shipping-seriously? As if that would get me to jump on that deal..ha ha ha). We found tons of other DIY’s from other families in the same or similar situation. It was a ton of fun to find many other great blogs to follow :). In the end we decided we would build them ourselves (by that I mean my husband) and that we liked the ‘L’ shaped triple bunks. We found some inexpensive plans online but decided we’d make our own. (My husband was pretty confident I guess). Although he is NOT a carpenter by trade I trusted him to complete this project. He felt some kind of calling to do it as his Dad built his beds and my Dad built mine as a child as well. Must be some type of Daddy right of passage. 😉 I was happy as long as they were strong/sturdy enough to handle 3 boys. I got my way and he used carriage bolts with the 2×4’s and 2×6’s which somehow made me feel better. I was impressed at how sturdy they turned out to be.

Back on the bunk beds…He built each each bed first building them to the measurement of the mattresses. Then we hauled them up to the bedroom and determined the height we preferred for the middle and top bed. Here is what they looked like put together. (although we have since added railing to the side so they don’t roll out of bed and added the same ‘head board’ as shown on the middle bed to the bottom one.)Triple 'L' Bunk Beds

The most impressive part of this whole project was my amazing husband completed it on a drill weekend. Nothing like working all week and then doing some carpentry on the weekend after 2 long days as a soldier. The Red Green show says, “If women don’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy.” I feel blessed because he’s both. ❤

You may be wondering where the other 3 kids will be. We’ll the only girl has her own room (spoiled princess). The baby and our almost 2 year old are in the third room. The crib, changing table and a toddler bed fit nicely. We don’t know the gender of the new baby but are assuming it’s a boy (we have 4 already so odds seem to favor boy). If it turns out to be a girl that will really be interesting. Stay tuned….


My Soldier

My husband enlisted in the National Guard when he was 17 long before we met. While dating in college he had his weekend drills where he was gone and as a poor college student I worked so it didn’t affect me as much. (Yes, I did miss him though). There were a few weekends he had to miss out on some big events but I dealt with them as they came up.

Fast forward and we are married and have a baby. I REALLY missed him while he was away and even came to see him when I could with the little one in tow. Being a first time mom with a little one was a bit of a struggle without him but I made it through.

My little soldier 1

Fast forward again and now we  have a large family. He felt the desire to re-enlist & I was very supportive of his decision and even brought the kids to see him swearing in. This time around has been very different from the first. With a larger family it has been more challenging while he is away but I can’t complain because he is not currently deployed. I was scared he would have missed the birth of one of the babies but that didn’t happen, (Thank God). One other large difference is how helpful people have been. Anytime things are crazy and I am flying solo with my crew people have offered to help in a number of ways. This has been amazing and a life saver. I am so thankful to those who step up and offer to help whether it’s holding the door for me when I am coming through with my entourage, helping to carry out groceries or taking my shift to work the penalty box at my son’s hockey game.

It’s hard enough to be a Mom. I can’t be Daddy too nor do I want to be. My husband is an amazing father and all of our children look up to him. He works hard to provide for them during the day, serves his community, serves his country, prays with them at dinner and reads them stories at night.

He is a good Dad, a good soldier and a great man. I miss him terribly when he  is gone but am proud of him for serving and thankful that there are so many men and women willing to sacrifice to serve as well.