It’s for the kids….

Today in our local newspaper I read a letter to the editor in which the writer was sharing her irritation with a near-by school district advertising in the newspaper. I thought it was funny for a variety of reasons one of them being the fact a private school had a sign advertising that they were now enrolling students which was conveniently placed at the entrance to the local public elementary school.

Why is it offensive to have educational options? What is wrong with other schools advertising in our area? What is so bad about choice?

In the past year or so I have heard people from varying backgrounds (community members, teachers & even a superintendent) all make similar statements about the need for loyalty to the local district. In one instance the person went so far as to say that it is sad that people put their own needs ahead of the needs of the district. Shouldn’t the district be loyal to the students they serve? Shouldn’t they be doing everything they can to meet the needs of the students they serve? I for one will NOT apologize for putting my CHILD’S needs ahead of the needs of our local district.

We all want what is best for our children wherever that may be. I feel we are very lucky to live in a country where our children have the opportunity for a free public education. I feel even more fortunate to live in the great state of Minnesota (birthplace of Charter Schools) where we have lots of educational options.

My children attended a local traditional public school and when my husband and I (with input from our children) decided it no longer met the needs of our children and family we open enrolled to a school of choice. We are very happy we have choices and feel so very blessed to have such a wonderful school that personalizes to the unique and individual needs of our children.

Local business don’t write letters to the editor every time a business from another community advertises in the local paper why should it be any different for education.

In the end it’s not about the adults, it’s about the kids.